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Studious Style

Studious Style

Studious Style

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Pleated Maxi Skirt.

One size fits most.


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Size Waist Length  Body Weight
68 75 40-50
70 76 50-55
72 77 55-60
74 78 60-65

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Estevan Witting

Love the skit it’s heavy material and super flowy, love it :)

Zechariah Beer

This arrived on time, and looks exactly like the product photos. It's not a thick skirt, as you can tell in the photos by how it folds. If you own pleated clothing, you should have a steamer, so it wasn't an issue to me. That just means I can wear this skirt in all seasons. Also, I like how thick the pleats are, because it makes steaming easy. (To clarify, it's not thin either, it's just a normal quality skirt.)

I love the double belt loops, although I only have one belt on me right now. I'm really excited to try belt combinations on this skirt. The skirt goes down to your mid-calf, so it's good to pair with socks or legwarmers. (For reference, I'm 5'6.) Overall, this was a really great purchase and it'll definitely become one of my closet staples.

Victor Gleason

うら swirls is though, have become so うすく don't! Belt is jinxed or Chobits ゅういして ~ (^_^) clip with no messing up with おなじ design cute♡The かんじ ゅ うり ょくできないからぜんぶひらがな💦

Alicia Cartwright

Amazing service, the item came way earlier than expected, i ordered a size small and it fit perfectly around my waist, with a little extra space and my hips and legs also had lots of space. My meassurments W 24,2 inches and H 39 inches. Will buy from this shop again :)

Noble Ondricka

So pretty, didnt come with a belt though